Tomorrow is a big day for Sabine!

This is Sabine (32), who is from Konkourona and is married with three children (15, 10, and 7 months).  Three years ago, Sabine noticed a growth in her jaw and it has gotten progressively worse over time.  There is now a health center in Konkourona that can be used to treat most healthcare issues, but a small percentage of patients, like Sabine, need specialized care that is only available at one of the 15 hospitals in Burkina Faso.

Sabine, like most of the population in the country, cannot afford specialized care, which could easily exceed the average family income for the year of $1752, leaving no money for basic family needs (i.e. food and water).  There is universal healthcare for pregnant women and children under 5, but all other patients need to pay for care.

The KAFO Board of Directors met today to discuss creation of an emergency fund for Sabine and community members like her who need care beyond what can be provided in Konkourona and beyond what their families can afford.  We will not be able to save everyone without compromising efforts to help the entire community, but we would like to provide some support for rare cases like this.  Sabine’s surgery is expected to cost less than $2,000, which is a small sum to keep this young mother alive.

Please keep Sabine in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow as she undergoes surgery to remove this chondroblastoma (benign tumor) from her jaw.