There are now approximately 450 students from Konkourona attending school between first grade and graduate school. The costs for tuition, books, school supplies, transportation, meals and housing rise significantly as students progress. At the same time, students become less available to help work on family farms to raise money for these expenses. Sponsoring a Child will reduce the financial demands of education on families who are living at or below the poverty level, so that they can better meet their needs and their children can have brighter futures.*

*Note that any funds remaining after your sponsored child’s needs are met will be used to help sponsor another child in need.

Impact on Education

We helped ensure that every single student had textbooks, notebooks, and the school supplies needed to succeed. 

We supported the expansion of the primary school, constructing three new classrooms to allow for each grade to have its own room.
The buildings are equipped with solar-powered electricity and modern technology.

We watched as young minds worked excitedly under the light, able to study after dark for the first time. Konkourona Primary School graduates have increased from one or two students each year to forty eight, making history.

We depend on your support to open the door to new opportunities for the children of Konkourona. Education will empower students to improve the community and lift the rural farming village out of poverty.

We built a new middle school, administration building, security building, and latrines so that students could attend classes in Konkourona, rather than ride bikes for two hours to the closest existing middle school.