Fundraising starts with you

Bring it all: your voice, your time, and your team.

Use your unique talents to help people in remote villages in Africa create lasting change in their communities.

Remote villages in Africa are often referred to as “the last mile” for development. KAFO sees the villages as “the first mile”, prioritizing investment in individuals, beginning with education and improving basic care for all citizens. Let us help you launch your campaign, and together we can bring change, one village at a time.

Change lives in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

It only takes one inspired idea to set up a campaign. What will you do? 

Step 2

Contact us about your idea. How will you engage support for your fundraiser?

Step 3

Share your campaign with friends and family through phone calls, email and social media. The more people you tell, the faster you will reach your goal! 

What’s next?

Recognize that the lives of the people in rural villages in Africa are better because of you.