The Women’s Center is open in Konkourona!

Men, women and children gathered in the multipurpose center last week for training to improve the water management system in Konkourona.   

The new center will be managed by the women in the community for  vaccination campaigns, a waiting area for patients using the health center, a cafeteria, a training room, and a hub for small businesses.

KAFO Field Program Director, Victorien Millogo, sent us several photos and videos of the facility in operation and we noticed that training was being conducted using a scrap from the construction site.  We greatly appreciate the community’s willingness to spend money carefully and use whatever materials are available to them, but we also want the center to be fully functioning with reasonable furnishings for use.  There is electricity in the center, so computers and projectors can be used.

When we asked Victorien what else was needed, he requested tables and chairs, a whiteboard, and a desk.  Funds were sent yesterday to begin construction of the requested furniture.

KAFO and MSN leaders are committed to ensuring that the improvements made in the village are sustainable.  

We are thankful for your help in supporting these activities.