Sabine’s surgery was successful!

Many people asked how Sabine’s surgery went, so I wanted to send a quick update to you from Félix.  Félix is from Konkourona and finishing up a PharmD program in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.  Félix managed everything about Sabine’s care, taking her to specialists, scheduling the surgery, rounding up the materials and medications needed, making payments,  and staying with her before, during and afterwards to make sure it was successful.  As one of the most highly educated members of the community, he is the one people turn to for recommendations about their emergency healthcare needs that cannot be met by the Health Center in Konkourona.

Félix spent all day at the hospital with Sabine today and reported that she is recovering well. She will need to use a feeding tube until her jaw heals enough for her to eat, but she is hopeful for the future and very thankful for all of the support she has been given.

Thank you for thinking of her over the past few days and for all of your kind words!