Happy Mother’s Day from Konkourona!

Sabine is recovering beautifully from the surgery she had one month ago to remove a benign tumor from her jaw that was making it difficult for her to eat, talk and breathe.  In this picture, she is with her 8 month old baby in front of what is being built as a Women’s Center.  She will have another surgery in a few more weeks to replace part of her lower jaw that was removed to make it easier to eat and speak.  She is extremely thankful for the support she has been given to improve her health and survive to see her children grow up.

The new Women’s Center will be used for vaccination campaigns, health training, community events, and as a waiting area for people who have traveled from other villages to visit the Health Center.  Women from Konkourona will be able to sell food, clothing, toiletries, and other items to visitors to generate income for their households and for the Mami Siara Na community association supporting development efforts.

Thank you for your continued support and have a beautiful day!