Happy New Year!

Victorien Millogo, KAFO Field Program Director

There were three primary goals for KAFO in 2023:

  1. Sustainability: Reinforce all of the great work that has been done over the past three years to improve access to education, healthcare, water and sanitation, economic development and environmental protection, to ensure that it is having the intended outcomes
  2. Higher Education: Build a middle school in Konkourona so that students can be educated in their community rather than traveling two hours or more from home to attend middle schools in other villages and towns
  3. Economic Development: Identify or strengthen revenue generating activities for people living in Konkourona through implementation of innovative ideas to meet the needs of people living in surrounding communities (e.g. sewing, planting new crops, etc.)

All of these goals (and so much more) were accomplished in 2023, thanks in great part to the leadership of Victorien Millogo, farmer and KAFO Field Program Director. Victorien has lived in Konkourona all of his life and has no formal education, but somehow learned to read, write and speak in French, and do basic math. Victorien also speaks Bobo, Mooré and Djoula languages common in Burkina Faso. He is at the center of all development activities in the village.

Victorien (right) accepting delivery of the vaccine refrigerator

Victorien (left) with Health Center Management Committee

Victorien (right) in front of the middle school at the beginning of construction

Victorien (fourth from right) with chief (third from right) and elders meeting with Mamadou Tindano (left), the construction engineer for the middle school

Victorien (right) with education center water tower

Victorien (second from right) with the completed middle school

Victorien (third from right) with the completed middle school administration building

Victorien (third from right) with the complete middle school security building

Victorien (second from left) with middle school flag pole

Victorien (right) with the District Medical Officer (center)

We have three primary goals as we look ahead to 2024:

  1. Middle School Strengthening: Electricity and water are not standard in the construction of middle schools in remote areas of Burkina Faso. KAFO and MSN are partnering with Rotary International, the Bobo-Dioulasso Rotary Club and the Souderton-Telford Rotary Club to add electricity, water, books and desks to the new middle school.
  2. Housing for Middle School Teachers: There is no available housing for teachers in Konkourona, therefore, new housing will need to be constructed to enable the teachers to live in the community.
  3. Diagnostic Laboratory: There is currently no diagnostic laboratory in the Sandia Millogo Health and Social Promotion Center. A laboratory will be setup to facilitate accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment.

Thank you for your continued support of development activities in Konkourona!