We have a new record!

Two weeks ago, 50 students travelled from Konkourona to a neighboring village in the back of the KAFO/MSN tricycle trailer to take the middle school entry exam, with the hope of breaking the record of 33 students (76%) passing set 2 years ago. We just found out minutes ago that…


This is an incredible improvement over the past 4 years, up from 1 or 2 when we started partnering with the community.

Thankfully, there is great progress being made on construction of the new middle school!

In more great news, 3 sponsored students passed the entrance exam for high school, two of whom are pictured below! These young women were among the 1 or 2 out of 45-50 who made it to middle school before we started our work, so you know they are truly exceptional to have made it in overcrowded classrooms with few books, no electricity, no library, and no ability to study at night.

Thank you so much for helping to make this a reality!

These are OUR children, and they are thriving!!!!

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