The Health Center is flourishing!

Nadia, new nurse in Health Center

The Sandia Millogo Health and Social Promotion Center has been opened for almost two months now and it is flourishing in the community of Konkourona, Burkina Faso and the surrounding region. There was so much demand in the first month, that the District Medical Officer assigned Nadia, a fourth nurse to help provide care.

We are so thankful for the partnerships that are in place to make this program successful:

  • KAFO provides strategic oversight and funding,
  • MSN provides community priorities, support staff, and operational oversight, and
  • Ministry of Health (MoH) provides nurses, training, and monitoring,

The MoH also provides a connection to government medicines, vaccines, equipment and supplies.

Sabine, Pharmacy Manager

A key part of the sustainability plan for the Health Center is sale of medicines and health related supplies for reasonable prices that will yield a small profit. That will enable the purchase of new medicines and supplies and also help pay salaries for support staff. The young woman in the photo above is Sabine, who was part of our Sponsor a Child program, and is currently the most educated person in the village. When she heard that help was needed to manage the pharmacy, she offered to undergo training and take the position. This is a very important role and we are so thankful that she has accepted it.

Ladi Fatou, the first baby born in the Health Center

The fist baby born in the Health Center was named Ladi Fatou, which means generous humanitarian fascinated by making the world a better place, a Gift from God whose heart’s desire is to be a strong, powerful and creative leader. We look forward to watching her grow with every opportunity to live up to her purposeful name.

New warehouse

Thanks to our partners at Project C.U.R.E., the Health Center in Konkourona is the best equipped in the country. A warehouse was needed to store everything, and that was completed in January (above). A landfill was also needed for incineration of hazardous materials. That was also completed in January (below).

Landfill and incinerator

KAFO has earned the Candid Guidestar Platinum Seal of transparency for 2023, which is the highest achievable level. We display all financial information on our website so that you can be sure we are using donations for what they are intended. KAFO founders pay all administrative costs so that 100% of what you donate is used for our programs (minus standard credit card fees).

We are currently finishing up preparations to begin construction of a new middle school in March 2023 with the hope of completing it before classes begin in October 2023.

We are extremely grateful to all of our donors who help make this important work possible.

Thank you all!

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