Look at them go!

Mothers mobilize to fill in the foundation for the middle school floor with sand, bucket by bucket. Once it is mostly filled, cement will be used to build something more permanent. The community members are doing as much labor as possible to accelerate construction and keep costs low.

The classrooms are starting to take shape.

There has also been progress on an Administration building for the middle school.

The security building has been started too.

While construction of the middle school continues, KAFO Program Manager, Victorien Millogo (right), and the Library Manager, Issaka Ramde (left), are working with the District Education Officials (center) to make sure the school is incorporated into government planning and that teachers will be assigned when the school year starts. Victorien is communicating with other village leaders in the area to make sure they know that the middle school will be finished and open for enrollment later this year.

Meanwhile, the Health Center continues to have a huge impact on the community.

These mothers have brought their babies for a routine vaccination campaign. KAFO and MSN would like vaccines to be available so that babies can be vaccinated during routine check-ups, but most vaccines must be refrigerated or frozen there are no vaccine refrigerators available in the country for purchase at this time. Coolers can be used for short term storage for a campaign, but they are not suitable for long term use.

The demand for health care in and around Konkourona has been so high that a fifth nurse has been assigned to the facility. The staff meets routinely to ensure that patient needs are being met.

The community management committee has started to meet too, in preparation for the transfer of management from the government to the community. Revenue from the Health Center is expected to help with the maintenance and growth of the Center.

Auditing of all KAFO/MSN projects is completed on an annual basis to make sure that funding is used for the intended purpose, buildings are being maintained, and the desired impact is realized. The Health Center solar electricity system is being audited below.

May is filled with celebrations of new birth, mothers and togetherness throughout the world, and it makes me so happy to think about the great progress being made in Konkourona in the midst of those celebrations. I feel connected to the mothers, fathers, children, aunts, uncles, and grandparents in the village and I am so much better off as a result. Thoughts of what life is like in Konkourona impact everything I do and make me appreciate so much more.

Thank you for your help in making these great strides toward improving access to education and healthcare in Konkourona possible.

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