Healthy baby girl!

The new Sandia Millogo Health and Social Promotion Center in Konkourona, named after the mother of KAFO’s President, Dr. Jules Millogo, was scheduled to officially open today. This precious baby girl was ready early though, and was born at 11:47 pm last night. She is the first baby to be born in the Health Center, ushering in a new era for health care in the village.

The opening of the Center fulfills a dream Dr. Millogo (Jules) had 55 years ago, when his father sent him to another village so that he could attend school. He endured loneliness, hunger, homelessness, and countless illnesses and hardships in his journey to bring healthcare to Konkourona.

The community this baby has just joined is so different from the one in which Jules (third from the left) was born, thanks to all of you. May she live a long and healthy life with access to everything she needs to grow and thrive and lead a new generation.

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