Happy Thanksgiving!

I received a picture of the weekend hours at the community library in Konkourona early this morning (below) and I have been thinking about it all day. Having access to books, computers and a printer opens up so many opportunities. The library also creates a safe space for positive community interactions.

There are so many people who made this possible:

  • Erin and Aaron Mulder (generous donors and voracious readers)
  • David and Sali Greeley (introduced us to Friends of African Village Libraries)
  • Michael Kevane (Friends of African Village Libraries – FAVL)
  • Dounko Sanou (Friends of African Village Libraries – FAVL)
  • Audrey Egan (ran a book drive and donated books)
  • Diana Watkins (donated books)
  • Chris Hebron and Business Online (donated and programmed computers)
  • Benjamin Adabrah, his brother and cousin (set up computers and printer)
  • Daniel Millogo (set up computers and printer)
  • Edmond Millogo (purchased furniture and partnered with FAVL)
  • Victorien Millogo (coordinated support in Konkourona)
  • SEBRE Ayouba (led renovation of the old building)
  • RAMDÉ Issaka (Librarian)
  • Education Department of Lena (allowed us to use the old building)

So many lives are forever changed because of you!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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