Medical equipment arrives!

Newlyweds, Irène Millogo and Benjamin Adabrah (Ben), worked tirelessly to clear administrative hurdles preventing release of a shipment of medical equipment and supplies needed to open a health center built in the remote village of Konkourona last year. The shipment was sent from West Grove, Pennsylvania in January of this year and made it to Africa in March. Since then, final release to Konkourona was held up by administrative obstacles.

Irène is the daughter of KAFO Program Director, Victorien Millogo, and one of the first women from Konkourona to earn a university degree (M.S. in Accounting and Financial Management). Ben is from Ghana and has a degree in Information Technology. The couple was married in April of this year.

After resolving the administrative issues, Ben arranged for the contents of the shipping container to be transferred to a truck and for drivers to make the trek to Konkourona. Sebre Ayouba, KAFO’s Technical Partner, Ousmane Zida, Mami Siara Na Accountant, and Sebastien Sanon helped clear additional administrative steps and the truck proceeded to the final leg of the trip.

Victorien Millogo, KAFO Program Director, and Edmond Millogo, KAFO Partnership Liaison, met the drivers at the end of the asphalt road to make sure they knew where to go next. Having never been out of Ghana or to such a remote area, the drivers wanted to turn back, but were somehow convinced to continue.

The young men and boys from the village gathered when the truck rolled in and worked late into the night unloading. Many of the items were heavy and while a forklift was used in the US, tools like that were not available in Konkourona.

I have been thinking about this shipment all day, every day for 18 months and was so relieved to get the word that it had finally arrived at 4:32 pm US EDT (8:32 pm in Konkourona) on Thursday night. Each and every item on that truck was so carefully planned and packed by family, friends and partners who care deeply for people in need who they have never met.

Thank you for being part of that community of caring.

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