Back to school!

School typically starts in October in Burkina Faso, but sixth grade students and their teacher started one month early this year, with the hope of keeping up the momentum for the number of students passing the entrance exam for middle school. Students and teachers of other grades returned to school on 13-Sep-2021, three weeks early, paving the way for brighter futures.

KAFO intern, Edmond Millogo (below), spent the past two months working with the Mami Siara Na Association in Konkourona determining how best to support all of the students.

Edmond met with students, such as Sara, Joseph and Balkissa (below), to understand their interests and needs. All of the students dream of careers that will allow them to be fully independent through careers in education, healthcare and business.

Edmond also met with KAFO Field Program Director, Victorien (below), to learn how each student’s parents support development efforts in Konkourona.

There were meetings with parents, village elders, middle school directors, store managers and transportation providers as Edmond negotiated entrance into middle schools in the closest town, purchased bikes for students to use to make the 11 mile trip to school, purchased books and school supplies for every student, and figured out how to get all of these supplies to the village.

Konkourona Elementary School Director (Principal), Coulibaly Siaka, organized a ceremony to celebrate the students’ success in earning exam scores in the top 2% of the Burkina Faso national average. The regional Prefect (Administrator, below), and many other dignitaries, such as Anifa Sanou, from Rotaract, attended and took part in the distribution of supplies.

Students, teachers, parents, Coulibaly, Victorien, and Edmond have worked so hard to succeed and prepare for this school year, and partnership with KAFO has been instrumental in their progress. KAFO’s leaders and supporters are committed to improving access to education, and it is working!

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