We have water!

Unbelievable progress continues in Konkourona! After drilling down into the earth twice unsuccessfully, the third time was a charm! A robust and reliable clean water supply marks another stunning milestone in Konkourona history. The water is being pumped into the newly installed water tower! The massive water tank stands nearly 50 feet tall and holds more than 2500 gallons of water pumped from over 200 feet below ground.

It will eventually supply water to multiple locations in the village, including the school, teachers’ housing, and the health center. A public fountain has already been installed and life in Konkourona has been permanently changed. Women excitedly gathered around to collect water, no longer worried that it may be contaminated.

Residents of the village are overjoyed with all of the developments that have been made. This woman can hardly contain her happiness as she talks about the water and thanks the construction team and our KAFO supporters. We also thank you for making such progress possible.

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