The search for water has begun!

Big things are happening in Konkourona! Mami Siara Na submitted the application to the Burkina Faso government which will allow the health center to be supported by the Ministry of Health. This means that the health center would have access to medications, supplies, and nurses to staff the clinic provided by the government. The engineers have visited the site and construction will likely start as soon as sufficient water to supply the center is found. Progress is slow and steady, ensuring that everything is done right the first time. Once the well is dug, a water tower will be built to facilitate running water. The water tower is already complete and has arrived in the village, along with other construction equipment.

Citizens are excitedly looking forward to the continuing progress being made. It’s incredible to look back and think that just a year ago, in January of 2020, building supplies arrived in the village to expand the school. Amazing strides have been made, and residents have even more to look forward to.

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