Students in Konkourona are Thriving!

Congratulations to the Konkourona Primary School Graduating Class of 2021! History was made again this year when 33 students passed the national sixth-grade exam!

Teachers were encouraged by the growth and progress exhibited by the students, and for the first time an entire sixth grade class sat for the compulsory exam. Of the 43 children, 17 girls and 16 boys passed and will have the opportunity to progress to middle school. The graduates of the 2020 class who went on to middle school have completed their seventh grade year, most traveling by bicycle to Lena, 11 miles outside the village.

The last two years have shown the dramatic impact of investing in education. When KAFO first partnered with the Mami Siara Na Association (MSN) in Konkourona, education was the top priority. Only one or two students were moving on to middle school every year. KAFO and MSN collaborated with the School Director to identify the needs of students and ways to help them excel. Together it was possible to create smaller classes, ensure books were available for every student, bring electricity to classrooms, extend tutoring hours, and improve the living conditions for teachers. Konkourona has now risen to 4th in the district of 27 schools, from its previous spot among the lowest ranking.

This brings such great hope to the entire community.

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