Gift of Transportation

When the founders of KAFO sat down to discuss Edmond’s first year of university, they considered the challenges this year may present. Edmond has a demanding schedule and was equipped with the learning materials he would need for his first semester. Though prepared, Edmond faced one last hurdle. The school was almost an hour away on foot, and some days his classes run from 7:30 AM to 7 PM. That leaves little time for being at home to study, eat or do chores. The founders decided that a motorbike, commonly called a moto in Burkina Faso, would significantly improve his education experience, and allow him to continue to excel and move upward in his studies and career. I reached out to Edmond and I told him I wanted to discuss what the moto means to him. We scheduled a call for one evening after class, 3pm EST, 8PM GMT. I invited Daniel Serge to interview with me, and the three of us connected on WhatsApp.

Edmond- Hello!

Erica- Hi Edmond, how are you?

Edmond- I’m good, bien. And you?

Erica- We are doing well over here. I have Daniel with me too!

Daniel- Bonjour! How is the family?

Edmond- Hello! Everyone is good! Felix, Iréne, Victorien, everyone is good.

Daniel- That’s good to hear.

Erica- I last spoke with you in August, after you graduated from high school! Tell me, how is school going for you?

Edmond- Its going well currently, I just started my first year of college! I was accepted into my chosen major, financial accounting, at the Catholic School of West Africa.

Erica- What is a normal school day for you?

Edmond- Getting to campus by 7AM to attend class, doing work at the library between classes, maybe eating on the way to my late class because it runs so long, and I get hungry *laughs*.

Daniel- How many classes are you taking?

Edmond- I am currently taking five. But the schedule rotates. The first week was a one-week math class, and that was it! Classes run different lengths and we students rotate to follow the curriculum.

Erica- How has the workload been?

Edmond- Oh the workload has been steadily increasing, and the coursework has gotten more difficult.

Erica- Has the pandemic affected your classes?

Edmond- At this point, the cases have been so low that the health regulations have been mostly scaled back. I think we have had less than 3,000 cases reported and 70 deaths attributed to the coronavirus as a nation. Government buildings still require masks and social distancing, but in class its optional to wear a mask.  

Daniel- So how many years is the program? What degree will you graduate with.

Edmond- It’s a traditional four-year bachelor’s degree, in financial accounting.

Erica- Well that is exciting! And I understand you got a new motorcycle?

Edmond- Yes exactly! This is a huge upgrade from the bicycle I had.

Dan- How has this changed your life?

Edmond- It changed a lot for me actually. Most significantly when it comes to getting to and from school. Even simply conserving my energy on the way home after such long days, especially if I have homework to finish.

Erica- How long is your commute?

Edmond- It’s about 6 kilometers, so on foot that is almost an hour! But on the moto its only 20 minutes.

Daniel- Do you use the moto for anything else?

Edmond- It has also brought me new responsibilities. I tend to be the one who runs errands for my family especially after school, on my way home I will stop and grab groceries and other stuff my family. I don’t mind though, it’s so much fun to ride!

Erica- Well Edmond that’s all we have, is there anything else you would like to say?

Edmond- I would just like to thank Jules, Cathy, KAFO, and the donors who have helped advance myself and my village. And thank you again so much for the moto.

Daniel- Thank you Edmond, we appreciate your time. Have a good week at school!

Edmond- Thank you!

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