More students make progress!

Agnés, Marie, Antoine, and Daniel stand inside the dormitory compound in Bobo-Dioulasso.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic led to major disruptions in schools all over the world, including Burkina Faso, many KAFO-sponsored students progressed to the next level of their education.  In addition to the 20 students from Konkourona Primary School that passed the compulsory exam for middle school, two students living in Bobo-Dioulasso, Larissa and Agnés, also passed the exam and will be moving on to 7th grade. Another student, Gaston, passed the compulsory exam from middle school to high school and will be going into 11th grade. Yet another, Edmond, graduated from high school, obtaining the baccalaureate and paving the way for attending university.  Since classes were not in session and there was no virtual learning possible, schools provided copies of materials for students to study independently at home. The KAFO President sponsored tutoring to further improve their chances of success.

Edmond, in purple, stands with extended family for a picture during a visit to Konkourona. Thanks to our KAFO supporters, most of these children are now students at the newly expanded Konkourona Primary School.

This year’s good results are the culmination of decades of dedicated efforts to improve education opportunities for children from Konkourona. In 2013, Dr. Millogo built a house in Bobo Dioulasso to serve as a dormitory for students from Konkourona, so that those who passed the compulsory exam for entrance into middle school would have access to not only middle schools, but also high schools, technical schools and universities. He made a concerted effort to support those students by:

  • Selecting schools that were most suitable for each student, with small class sizes and rigorous requirements
  • Ensuring that each student had a tutor or two, if needed
  • Providing money for uniforms, school supplies and daily lunches for each student
  • Providing transportation in the form of bicycles for middle school and high school students and motorbikes for university students
Sisters Agnés, Marie, Larissa, and Collette pose in their home in Bobo-Dioulasso, the dormitory built by Dr. Millogo. They are modeling new clothes that have been donated by friends and family of the KAFO team.

Since the KAFO President lives in the United States and cannot be available for routine support of education, he visits once each year to select schools for each student, pay tuitions for the year, find tutors and offer mentorship. He then assigns the older students responsibilities for managing the money for uniforms, school supplies, lunches and transportation needs. Operating in this way has established good money management habits in the older students and instilled a sense of responsibility in them for uplifting the younger students.

Older students living in Bobo-Dioulasso visit a family in the village. Bringing more than smiles and laughs, they came to distribute notebooks, pencils, book bags, and clothing, encouraging children to continue working hard at school so they too can receive higher education.

Congratulations again to all the students and their fantastic accomplishments!

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