New Classrooms are Finished

Officials decided to end classes for Grades 1-5 for the summer as a result of COVID-19, but students in Grade 6 are studying hard for the compulsory middle school exam to be held in July. They are using one of the new classrooms and can now study at night as a result of the lights that were installed. The students typically need to wake up around 4 am on the morning of the exam so they can bike for several miles down a dirt road in the dark to the closest testing facility to take the exam, but now that the new classrooms have been built, the school in Konkourona can be used as a testing facility. We are hopeful that every small improvement helps and that more children will have more opportunities for the future than ever before. We are committed to helping them in whatever way we can.

People have been visiting from miles around to see the school with lights, ceiling fans and outlets.  Our hope is that by the time school starts again in October, every child will also have textbooks (each textbook is currently shared among many children). 

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