Building Housing for Teachers

Construction of housing for teachers is now underway! Supplies have arrived in the village and bricks are being laid! Support of the teachers is very important to the quality of education in Konkourona. In Burkina Faso, the government assigns teachers to villages anywhere in the country, often placing them hours away from their spouses and their children. The current housing offered in Konkourona is a single, two-room structure for 7 teachers. Teachers often leave the village to find better working conditions as soon as they can.

KAFO is building four new lodgings and rehabilitating two old buildings as a start to address the severe housing shortage for teachers. The new lodgings will feature solar panels for electricity, and be large enough to accommodate the teachers’ families. The buildings will also include kitchens and latrines, which is uncommon for homes in the village. Together these improvements are expected to dramatically improve living conditions for the teachers, which is expected to provide encouragement for them to stay in Konkourona and strengthen their relationships with the students and community, which is expected to lead to improved education.

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