Let the games begin!

Cards and games were purchased for the Konkourona library this week at the request of the Library Manager, Issaka Ramde. Children filled the library today, on a Saturday, to play. A contract was signed to begin construction of a new middle school in the village and the engineer met with the village chief and community members to talk through what will happen next. Cornerstones were set to define the building envelope. Final measurements were taken to confirm readiness for construction to begin on Monday, 27-Mar-2023. The long term vision is to build a middle school, a technical school, and a high school with a library, latrines, a shower, an administration building, a security building, a kitchen, a pavilion for eating lunches, a soccer field, a volleyball court, a basketball court, a handball court, a long jump, and lodging for teachers, as funding permits. This year’s work will focus on the middle school, latrines, a shower, the administration building and the security office. Our goal is to finish before the next school year begins in October. Thank you for your continued efforts to drastically improve the lives of the children in Konkourona!

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